Dear Holly,
I am a home schooling mother of 4 and I also happen to be a protestant. I just wanted you to know how blessed I have been by your book. I read it last week whilst my husband was way and it so spoke into my life as it is right now. I have MOTH but have never felt that it fitted, and have really struggled with what appears to be a lack of depth. Reading your book was like finding a pair of shoes that fit so perfectly. I have just downloaded your workbook and I think that by working my way through this, and scheduling myself a bit more, I shall find a Rule that fits for us as a family.

I think that I have just one question, and I feel after having read your book that I can ask you this question as an “ignorant” protestant. I also have been unable to find anyone in our community who can answer this question without getting cross that I’m asking the question!! Also my cousins are Catholics and they have been unable to answer my question!!! Why in the Catholic prayers (Prayer to the Immaculate heart of Mary ) do you consecrate yourself to Mary? I love the first part of the prayer, but I don’t “get” the second part. I think that as a protestant, we have lost the importance of seeing who Mary was and her love and obedience to God.

But I read this prayer and it appears to me as worship to Mary. Now I know that Catholics don’t worship Mary, but if that is the case, why is this prayer as it is?