Dear Holly,
I have a question I imagine has been asked before, so forgive me if you’re forced into redundancy! I’m wondering how to balance the ‘P’s’, particularly person/partner in the midst of a difficult newborn. My husband and I have 7 kids under 13, and our 4 month old girl has been quite a handful! I feel that just taking care of her needs fills my entire day. She cries if not held (won’t let the other kids hold her, much to their chagrin), and refuses to sleep without my nursing her. My basic needs really haven’t been getting met (just getting a shower is fantastic, never mind brushing teeth!). So I’m at a loss when I think of how I could even begin to put myself or my husband first, never mind that the other kids have gotten brushed under the rug as well. I can see that I could ask my husband could pitch in more with the baby so I can take care of me a bit, but how on earth can I put him or the other kids before a demanding newborn?