Third P: Partner

Overcoming Resentment of Husband's 'Freedom'

Dear HollyI have really enjoyed reading your book. I am wondering if you could further address how you overcame resenting your husband’s freedom? This is a stumbling block of mine sometimes. Was your Mother’s Sabbath the solution, or did other parts of your rule contribute to your change of... read more

A Mother's Rule for Dads Too?

Dear Holly,I purchased your book for my wife for her birthday. We read it to each other and are trying to put together a rule of life for ourselves and our family. We particularly like the way you relate all of the mundane things we need to do in life to God’s vocation for us. Thank you for making a difference in our lives… One question: does your husband have a rule of life, and if so, how is it different or similar to yours? It seems to me that the 5 Ps (in the order set out in your book) could equally apply as well to fathers, with the substance of the 5th P being different of course. Do you have any suggestions for Dads who are working on their rules and trying to help their wives with... read more

When Husband Isn't Supportive

Dear HollyMy husband isn’t really supportive of my making up a rule. He doesn’t want our family to be ‘regimented’ and feels that I will just stress myself out. What do you think of this? read more

A Tithing Question

Dear HollyMy husband and I disagree on tithing. My husband thinks we should only tithe a very small amount to our church until we get our other finances and debts under control, and when this happens, we can give more. I, on the other hand, think we should tithe the full percentage (since five times that amount is spend on hubby’s hobbies anyway!), and then trust in God to get us through the rough spots. Now, I just started a new job – should I do a complete tithe on my new income or should I consult husband... read more
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