Dear Holly,
The five P’s of the married vocation hit me over the head like a hammer this last time I read your book. It was a huge WOW for me. I couldn’t start to work on improving my family life until I started to work on me. I couldn’t teach or model something I wasn’t living. I intellectually knew this but I never did anything about it. Right now I am working through P- prayer, P- person, P- partner. The more I work on prayer the stronger the person and the partner become. I am noticing little changes in my parenting as well, even though I haven’t focused on that yet. The Rosary has been the best gift ever. It has opened my eyes to seeing I am not in charge, I am not the be all and end all, God is. I am seeing that doing things without keeping God in mind is pointless.
Yet I am still struggling with the practical implementation of day to day living. While I am so much happier than I was, things are still not getting done. Laundry piles up, bathrooms don’t cleaned regularly, general things don’t get put away. This doesn’t bother me so much anymore but I do keep thinking that these things are important. These things of living need to be done and should have their place in my day. I just don’t seem to know where to put them. How do you move into the practical side of what you talk about in the book. I have a very hard time making a daily schedule for myself let alone for my family.
Things have purpose now. I really enjoy waking up without a scowl on my face, without feeling so tired even if I have had a short sleep. I am coping so much better. The first P prayer has made an enormous impact on who I am. Will prayer lead to better organization of family and home? Is there a system to try following? Do you have any ideas on how to start to work on the physical aspects of day to day life. Having been unsuccessful in trying to plan out my days before I am nervous and unsure of where to turn.