Dear Holly,
My problem is I am pregnant, again!! I know, that shouldn’t be a problem. The baby certainly isn’t, but another pregnancy!! I have delivered 4 beautiful children since 2005. This will mean I’ll have 5 children, 6 yrs and under!!!
I am starting the homeschool journey with my oldest. In theory, I am completely committed, in practice, I AM DROWNING!!!! Just when it seems that I am getting there; new baby sleeping at night, body healing, starting to get into a good routine… I am pregnant again, and it all falls apart! I know what to do to make my household/homeschool work, I just don’t feel human enough to execute it. The kids spend a good part of the day in front of TV (educational, but still), and I am falling asleep cooking dinner! My husband supports the homeschooling plan, so long as I can manage. But lately he has been dropping hints about the local Catholic school. He is a wonderful help when he is home, but he is a carpenter, and works very hard. So his end of day help doesn’t put a dent in the disaster that is our home. PLEASE, I need support, advice, thearpy, something!!!!! HELP!!!!!!