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Struggling with Legalism

Dear Holly,Do you ever struggle with legalism in using your Rule? I can imagine that offering everything for the love of God is a terrific antidote to legalistic tendencies, but I know myself well enough to know that this will be an issue for me. read more

Dealing With Stress

Dear Holly,A personal struggle that I deal with has to do with eating, but I think the correlation can be made with any weakness. Basically, when I am under stress, or tired, or even bored, my internal reaction seems to be to turn to food (and of course only junk food will do!) and I often end up binging when I am in this state. And then in the morning (nighttime is a definite weak time) I’ll analyze the problem, and realize that there was no fruit in that, that I was eating purely out of stress, etc. and that it had nothing to do with hunger or even the pleasure of eating, and I will try to devise ways to counteract this problem. But no matter how much I analyze it, once I am in that ‘low state of mind’ even though my mind is saying to me, “don’t do it, you’ll regret it later” I counteract with “I don’t care I want it right now” and I succumb. I found a bit of a lightbulb go on with your quote from Fulton Sheen that the sinner needs to prize a good above his sin. But I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on this type of situation, and any ways that you have found fruitful in counteracting an ingrained sinful... read more

Help for Slacking Off…

Dear Holly,It’s been almost a year since I first read A Mother’s Rule of Life and began my rule. It was great that first couple of months. I noticed such a change. I stopped feeling overwhelmed and my work was getting done. Everyone in the whole house was happier. But I stopped being so faithful to my rule and now I’m afraid I feel almost back where I started. I’m lethargic and want to do it, but I can’t seem to ‘get into it’ .... read more

The Rule is Meant to be a Tool Not a Tyrant

Dear HollyMy rule is looking really good. My schedule is in place. I’m starting to organize things more in the house. I need to re-read the 5 Ps to put things back in perspective, but otherwise things are much better around my home than before. So why do I feel so depressed? Honestly, I think I’m being attacked now that I am getting my life pulled together as God wants. But still, I feel a loss of freedom. Something in me is saying that I want to go back to the way things were – that I was more free then. But I was not happy then and I was always overwhelmed. Did you go through this? What did you do to get over... read more

Being Flexible and Avoiding Rigidity

Dear HollyI’ve been getting up late the past few days. I’m pretty tired because there are many things on my mind right now and I’ve had trouble sleeping. The problem is that when I get up late, my whole schedule is mixed up and I feel like I’ve blown it for the entire day. What do I do in this... read more

What's The Heart of Inconsistency?

Dear HollyYour Catholic viewpoint on making my [duties and schedules] a ‘rule’ has really helped put everything into perspective, and I know a schedule is not an option for me, but a calling. It always makes my day much more smoother when I follow a schedule. But I don’t always keep up with... read more
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