Dear Holly,
I want to thank you so much for your wonderful book.  I have nearly completed reading it.  I have a young baby and my husband I have been married two years.  Right after getting married we moved across the country and I started graduate school.  I think learning the virtues of being a wife were put on hold as I attempted to adjust to all of the new changes we had, and again when our little one came.  Before marriage I had a strong spiritual life and growing up did not have a clear example of what a wife and mother ought to be according to the beautiful teachings our church.  A few months ago I felt very stuck and depressed.  I had your book on my shelf and finally started reading it and implementing it.  My greatest struggle came from not understanding this work as growing in virtue.  I am doing well now and working on maintaining the right order of priorities and overcoming sloth.  I am so impressed with your book because often when I read self-help books they don’t quite match up to solid philosophical and theological thought.  I have not found that in your book.  I discovered I can implement the ideas in MROL, I connect personally to the concept because I have always practiced my faith seriously and I have a penchant towards organization.  I am not discouraged at my lack of skill or generosity because these are virtues for me to work on (not merely something I either am or am not).  Before I was married I wondered how a person can be married and still seek union with God (practical concerns!).  You describing your own path towards receiving that gift of contemplation brought light to the answer to that question.  Thank you so much for this book and God bless you!