Dear Holly,
My daughter is 10 years old and in grade 4 French Immersion in a secular school. She is not in the Catholic School system because my husband and I wanted her to learn French which we could not teach her ourselves. We do not speak French but wanted to give her the opportunity that we never had. I’m a believer that religion starts at home anyway and that is something I could do. I teach her catechism every week at home, we try to live our faith and attend church weekly.

My question for you is what resources/books you would recommend to education her on puberty and the many changes that she will be experiencing these next few years. I could not find any recommendations on your website nor could I find anything at our local Catholic bookstore.The upcoming health unit at her secular school is generic, is not age appropriate for her and God is not in the picture at all. I know when I was a grade 5 student, we saw a sex education film at our Catholic school and there alot of information to process at one time and God was not mentioned at all. I’d like to make it easier for my daughter to handle the information, have a easier time with all the changes to come and how God fits into the picture. What would you recommend?