Dear Holly!
Your book was just recommended to me by my homeschool curriculum consultant whom I speak to several times a year. What a change it has brought to my life. I found that I had already implemented so many of the practical suggestions–my home has order, routine, a place for everything, etc. But I didn’t have the 5 p’s working for me. Being a scheduler, a perfectionist, a neatnik, without those P priorities in order–hopeless. The girl who appeared to have it all together burnt herself right out. Self reliance looks good, and it works for a while, but it fails. Even my prayer life flopped, because I was out there trying to control everything myself, instead of turning it over!

Your prioritization of the 5 P’s was something I resisted for some time. I was in this trap: Provider (doing my jobbies first), Parent (interacting with my children, full of resentment), Partner (can he be serious!), Prayer (better sneak some in before I get blasted by lightening) and Person (aren’t I just the most selfless creature you ever saw?). So that part, the ordering of my life with God at the top, followed by my person and then my husband’s person, gave real spiritual life to all my schedules and lists and Rubbermaid bins.