Dear Holly,
How providential it was that I came across your book a few weeks ago! I am a relatively new mother; my son is now fourteen months old. I am adjusting to the reality of motherhood, with all its challenges and joys, and have repeatedly determined to embrace it whole-heartedly. Oddly enough, it was on retreat at a monastery that the Lord impressed upon me the importance of a willingness to embrace the vocation of motherhood. Since then, he has been gently and persistently growing me in this.

Recently, I thought how helpful it would be to have some sort of community of women to share a “rule” with as the brothers at the monastery I often visit do. Behold the wonder of the internet! How happy I was to search for monasticism and motherhood and come across your website. I have just finished your book and am deeply thankful for your willingness to share your journey and thoughts with us. Thank you very much. May the Lord continue to grow you in His grace as you receive His presence this new year,