Dear Holly,
I am writing to ask what I am to do about my third P. My husband is a bit disturbed at my changes. This is not what he is used to and as a man of deep habit, it is very unsettling that I have almost taken on a new personality in my days. He seems so distraught by it that he has been fighting with me, and though we had our fights before, they seem to be even more angry now. I am afraid that my third P does not care to join me or be supportive in my mission towards Our Lord. I have not asked him to change anything about himself, nor do I think that I should expect him to “keep up” with what I am doing. But it is causing a great distance between us, and I am finding myself thinking that he is in the way of my relationship with God. He is almost purposely discouraging me, and I don’t know how to continue with my Rule and my conform my will to better goods when I feel such tension with my husband. I honestly feel pushed away from him, but I don’t know exactly who is doing the pushing. Is it him or me? Or is this the natural progression when turning so directly towards God? Any advice? My husband is a convert but clings tightly to his comforts and habits. I would love to be a leader by example, but it could take years. How do I keep my third P in line on my list of priorities when I don’t even feel very close to my husband right now, and find him to be hindering my spiritual progress?