Hi Everyone
Just thought I’d share re: the Year of Faith & “How To” ideas:

I’ve been looking over the recommendations from Benedict XVI for the Year of Faith – he recommends a complete review of the Catechism and the Vatican II documents in order to renew our faith, to be read in a prayerful way, in order to prepare the Church to bring forth a new and fresh witness the following year. This is very important given the contrary witness that major political figures are giving, citing their Catholic Faith as the grounds upon which they hold contradictory views on abortion, gay unions, etc etc etc.. Knowing that the Church does not grow spiritually without catechesis, Benedict’s plan is a great plea for Catholics to learn and re-learn what we may have forgotten or perhaps never known.

Initially I was thinking that his idea of going over the complete Catechism and the Vatican II documents as a tad bit “ambitious”, to say the least… However, after examining the catechism and the documents, and tying in the need for daily Scripture reading , I think it would be very EASY to work this study in for the year. Here is what I have come to , given that the year of faith is about 400 days:

The Vatican II documents –
If I leave out the ones on the priesthood, bishops and religious life (for us lay people only, that is, and even then, feel free to read those too…), and study all the rest, it could be done either:
a) by reading a document a month, which is really not very much at all, or
b) if I count up all the ‘numbers’ that the documents are labelled with – often a ‘number’ is a paragraph, sometimes a ‘number’ is 3-8 paragraphs – if I count up all the numbers in the 12 documents, it ends up being about 565 ‘numbers’ for the year – then this would equal about 1 1/2 ‘numbers’ a day for the year; or
c) I figure it could be done in ten minutes of prayerful reading a day
Vatican II Documents

Catechism –
After examining the catechism, there are 2865 ‘numbers’ or points in the CCC, as well as about 700 pages – so that could mean either:
a) read approximately 7 ‘numbers’ a day, or
b) read approximately 2 pages a day, or
c) spend 15 minutes a day

Scripture –
Using the small little New Testament, published by Scepter, the entire New Testament can be read two times over in one year, in approximately 5 minutes per day. Or even using an online version
Online Catholic New Testament

With a Read-the-New-Testament-in-a-Year schedule:
NT in a Year

As a result – for about 30 minutes a day, we can easily read and refresh and relearn all the church teaching in relation to the New Testament, Catechism, and Vatican II documents – even if we split it up to two 15 minute sections a day.

When we look at this, some of us may think that we can’t handle the language of the documents or that it may be over our head- I think a prayer for a special grace for this year to help us see the truth the Lord wants us to know and remember would handle that, and then start reading.

So, I guess this all certainly seems doable to me – thought I’d share in case you had had the same reservations.