Dear Holly,
I’m working on my fifth “P” still. I’ve made *some* progress with the first four, but the fifth is eluding me. It seems that our housekeeping life is too amorphous. My husband works from home a good deal of the day, and then goes out at unpredictable times. I have two two-year-olds – both girls. For example, here’s a concrete question — how often do you think we should have the whole floor “picked up” when we have two kids under the age of 3? I thought maybe we could pick up all the toys and messes (by messes I mean things like, pulling all the dishtowels out of the drawer), twice a day – naptime and bedtime. But that leaves us with hours and hours of messy house, and then feeling too tired to pick it *all* up.

What do you do with the children while you’re scrubbing the toilets or other jobs that require the absence of said two-year-olds (I hate to stick in a children’s DVD just so I can do housework)? Mealtime cleanup takes forever, and then I try to immediately clean off all counters too. (papers, toys, cups, glasses, miscellaneous stuff that somehow piles up there). So I don’t think I can add on any more chores to mealtime.

I’m finding the implementation of the other P’s so helpful, that I really want to implement this one too. My goal is to be able to have people drop by without my panicking. (I had to turn away our priest when he showed up unexpectedly and the house was a mess!!)