Fourth P: Parents

When a Child Isn't Doing His Part…

Dear Holly,How do you handle it if a child takes longer to get chores done (due to dawdling..they had ample time to complete it)? I talked to one of my children today about this, as the rest of us were waiting on him to start our morning family prayer time. It wasn’t a big deal, just a little detail , but I thought I’d ask about... read more

No Big Kids to Help Out – Rule Seems Impossible

Dear HollyI have two daughters, a 2 1/2 yr old and a 10 month old. From one of your earlier posts about a rule with young children, it seems you can do one easily if you have older children to help out, but with my two little ones alone, this seems impossible. The 2 1/2 yr old takes a nap perhaps 3 times a week. The other days I try to get her to nap, but she sits in her crib and yells for an hour and it drives me crazy so that I can’t get anything done. The 10 month old does not nap consistently, and when she is up alone, needs to be held the whole time. Some days they alternate naps so I am stuck in the house unable to do anything from 10-3 and I’m going nuts. The 10 month old gets up at 9 or 10 and goes to bed at my bedtime of 10:30, but the 2 1/2 yr old gets up at 8:30 and goes to bed at 8. Maybe I should stick them in their cribs at specific times , but I have a hard time listening to the crying, and one crying keeps the other one... read more

Helping Our Children with Our Rules

Dear HollyI’m not sure what to do with the children – how to motivate them. I’ve tried MOTH on and off again for the past few years, but wasn’t very consistent. Now, when I put up my new list of chores, the children just... read more

Finding Activities for Little Ones

Dear HollyI am struggling with my own motivation to get school stuff out and give it to my Kindergarten child. The schooling itself is easy, except for the part where I somehow find something for the other kids to do during school time. My oldest is 5, but I have four other children, ages 4, 3, 1 1/2, and a newborn. Any... read more

Is a Rule Possible With Young Children?

Dear HollyI can see how a Mother’s Rule can work when you have older children, but I can’t see how it will work with my young children. I seem to have so little control over when things happen, and often feel tossed about by the cries of the baby , the demands of the toddler, and the mischievousness of the... read more

Too Many Toys!!

Dear HollyDo you have a guideline for too much clutter, especially children’s toys?? For me, clutter is the ‘breaker’ of my mood – when it’s under control, I seem to be too. With three going on four young kids in a small house, I feel overrun by toys and toy pieces, but the toys at this time are most played with and of good quality – just too many of them. How to decide what to... read more

Not Enough Time for Homeschooling

Dear HollyI am still working my way through A Mother’s Rule of Life, but am wondering where you squeeze in school? We use a standard packaged curriculum and your time frames don’t seem like enough time to do all the work. I still feel I don’t have enough time for... read more
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