First P: Prayer

How Much Prayer is Reasonable for Mothers?

Dear HollyMROL has really helped put prayer back into my life. Before kids, it was all prayer but no sacrifice, but after kids, it’s been all sacrifice and little prayer! So now I am ready to live a balanced life of work and prayer and bring order into my life. This past year has been a great struggle as I have felt a great need or urge to be alone with God, but didn’t know how to fit it into my hectic schedule. Now I have hope.I have a question about how to pray. As it stands, in the morning, I do verbal prayer – the Angelus, Morning Offering and Morning Prayer (of the Liturgy of the Hours), and then I spend some time meditating and talking or listening to God . I haven’t designated prayer times for the rest of my day yet, but I often get in some spiritual reading in the evening and do Evening Prayer ( although I’m not yet consistent in this).Much of the time, I find I want to pray while I’m doing my work – you know, like a rosary during dishes. What do you think about this? How much time do you or others who are following a rule spend in ‘just prayer’ time, without doing other things like cleaning or showering, etc? I am attracted to the Carmelites but their rule has over 6 hours a day in prayer, and as a busy Mom, I know that’s not possible. But what is reasonable for my... read more

A Tithing Question

Dear HollyMy husband and I disagree on tithing. My husband thinks we should only tithe a very small amount to our church until we get our other finances and debts under control, and when this happens, we can give more. I, on the other hand, think we should tithe the full percentage (since five times that amount is spend on hubby’s hobbies anyway!), and then trust in God to get us through the rough spots. Now, I just started a new job – should I do a complete tithe on my new income or should I consult husband... read more
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