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Home Needs a Fix

Dear Holly,My house is upside down. I am hoping though, to get things in order soon. We were just given a book case, so I hope to get my books and papers in order soon. Since I have a bad back, I have been on bedrest a lot lately, hence the disarray of my house. I have my office, game room, library, classroom, living room, and even my bedroom now. . . full of papers and books, spread out everywhere. I try to do schooling and lesson planning, from my bed, so now I have a mess here too.I’m pretty ashamed of it, and feel like I can’t even get ahead now. With God’s help and grace, I am trying to get in order, pile by pile. It’s starting to look like I’m a pack rat, even though I’m really not, but books and papers, are easily taking over my... read more

Can Working Moms Have a Mother's Rule Too?

Dear Holly,I work outside of the home. We don’t have the financial freedom to have me stay at home. So, I spend my days working, my evenings doing laundry and hosuework and cooking and cleaning, and then my husband wants my time too, but there is very little left of me. I am just so tired. I have just ordered your book. My question is, can working mothers have a rule of life too? Would it work for me... read more

Will a Mother's Rule Work for Me Too?

Dear HollyYour website seems like such a God-send to me and I am almost crying reading it. Here is my question: I want to be a stay-at-home-mom, but I am a single mother as my husband left me while I was pregnant with my second child. Because of help from my parents, I have been able to stay at home quite a bit, but they are getting older and not able to help as much. I am starting a new business and my 2 yr old stays with me but my eldest is in school (who also begs me to homeschool). It’s all too overwhelming and I guess I need to read your book , but I was wondering if it will work for me – you know, as a mom who has to work outside the... read more

Balancing Work Time / Personal Time / Husband Time?

Dear HollyHow do you balance work time / personal time / husband time? I am a homeschooling mother who also works from home. I find that in the evening hours when the children are sleeping, I sometimes feel pulled in a number of different directions. Of course my husband wants my attention and we do have precious little ‘grown up time’ together. But then there’s the problem of my needing to get work done during those hours, as well as my very real need for time to myself. I feel like I might have some free time during the day, but when the kids are in bed, then I have ‘real’ free time, and there’s a huge demand and not enough hours. I have somewhat solved this by scheduling certain evenings for work and others for my husband, but I still feeling pulled in too many directions during this time. I was interested in what you and other mothers might have to offer... read more

Dealing With Perfectionism

Dear HollyI am finding my Mother’s Rule a bit exhausting. I have my scheduled breaks and rest times, but the amount of work I am called to do everyday is really a lot, and to keep things in tip-top shape takes a lot of effort. The kids don’t seem to share my views about tidiness and I find I have to make them do things over again a lot to get the house looking like I want it to. This all adds to my workload. Any... read more

Too Many Toys!!

Dear HollyDo you have a guideline for too much clutter, especially children’s toys?? For me, clutter is the ‘breaker’ of my mood – when it’s under control, I seem to be too. With three going on four young kids in a small house, I feel overrun by toys and toy pieces, but the toys at this time are most played with and of good quality – just too many of them. How to decide what to... read more

My Home is a Disaster – Need an Attack Plan

Dear HollyMy home is such a disaster right now! How long does it take to organize enough to get the flow going? My laundry has no more walking space due to dirty clothes, out of season clothes, give away clothes, etc! It’s going to take me a long time just to get that done. Should I stop homeschooling for a few weeks, get things in order, and then start... read more

I'm Scared of My Basement!

Dear HollyI appreciate the need to simplify my possessions and organize my house, but I’m almost paralyzed when it comes to sorting out all the stuff I have in my basement. I’ve been piling stuff there for years, it’s a heaping mound, and I can’t imagine what to give away and what to keep. Plus, it seems I have boxes and bags in every closet and cranny upstairs and when I go to bed at night, I can barely pray for all the stuff staring me in the face. I just feel... read more
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