Dear Holly,
I have read your book and would like to apply it in my life.  I am unsure of how to start.  Let me tell you my situation.  I am the mother of 6 young children under 10 years old.  The 2 oldest attend public school and the 3rd is in preschool.  I deeply desire to homeschool, but my husband had been against it for many years.  Now he is willing to let me if I can get our house and our lives organized and in order.  This will be no easy task.  I have tried for years.  The house is always a mess, I can’t get the kids to help.  The baby is very clingy and doesn’t tolerate being put down.  We have serious discipline issues.  The kids fight constantly.  The 7 year old is very defiant at home, but she is perfectly good at school.  Should I try to establish a rule first, or try to fix the discipline problems first?  I have no clue what to do with discipline, I have read many books but it hasn’t helped.  Do you have any advice for me?