Dear Holly,
I come back to your site when I tend to hit bottom. After years, I have yet to implement a rule, though I know it to be the answer to so many of my prayers. So after an episode of the “Woe-is-me’s”, which comes around every so often and can be so painful, I can recognize now what God is doing, I was begging God: “Please show me what I am doing wrong and please give my heart a little extra pep to accept what You are going to tell me!” (You see, I know what He is going to tell me – to develop a Rule !!! It’s just embracing it beyond my mind alone, to truly live it in my actions and be convicted of it really deep in my heart that is the hard part!!!) I have made so many Rules and for many wrong reasons and in so many wrong ways, I tense up even thinking about it!! So I have been doing a lot of reading in the years in between and at the end of my tears today, and after a well-needed Rosary, I had the thought that I had to “exercise” my heart.. I had to actually start practicing the love in action. I am praying ahead of time, this time, to begin the Rule instead of diving right in. Oh pray for me, I am a work in progress!