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This site has been developed to supplement the book “A Mother’s Rule of Life” – providing Holly’s responses to women’s inquiries about each of the 5 P’s of the married vocation. It also provides information about support donations and accessing companion resources such as “The MROL eWorkbook”, and the eBook “A Spirituality of Modern Motherhood”.

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MROL Companion eBooks

Holly has two companion resources available for MROL Readers – both are PDF files that are sent to you as a result of a ‘Support’ donation:
The MROL eWorkbook – this gift is sent via email to you after a $20 (Canadian) “Support” Donation
A Spirituality of Modern Motherhood eBook – this gift is sent via email after a $10 (Canadian) “Support” Donation
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The MROL eWorkbook – walks you through the development of your own Mother’s Rule of Life by providing you with individualized questions on the 5 Ps and chart-printables for you and your family.
A Spirituality of Modern Motherhood – is a spiritual reflection on the mothering vocation and a mother’s rule of life in our present day and age.


On a Personal Note – From Holly

“Dear Ladies
Thank you so much for visiting mothersruleoflife.ca.
At this time in my personal life, I am still “at home” in PEI, caring for my elderly mother who has Alzheimers, and I am also still homeschooling my youngest daughter through her high school courses. My time with them both is precious.
As a result, I am taking time away from any additional ‘Mother’s Rule of Life’ apostolic work. I will no longer be available to engage in personal email or Facebook conversations, nor will I be available at this time to do any public speaking, conferences or appearances. I will re-examine this when my family situation changes.
Until then, I hope the resources that are available to you will continue to nourish you and your family in your important and irreplaceable vocation as a Christian woman, wife and mother:  from my book, A Mother’s Rule of Life, which is still being published by Sophia (see Support page for ordering information); to this website; and to the companion eBooks available following support donations (see Support page on this site).
Thank you so much for our time together and for your support.
May God bless you and yours
 Holly Pierlot”
Please Note: Any references (on this site or in the workbook) to Holly’s old website, mothersruleoflife.com, or to contacting Holly with an email address, are now out of date. Please forgive any confusion in this regard.